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It's an awe inspiring dilemma when a child has a special gift or talent that suddenly emerges out of nowhere. Recently I've been considering the mental health of these children as well as their families. What transpires when something out of the ordinary appears out of nowhere with a child? What happens when friends, relatives and the outside world realize that your child is somehow different than normal children?
Whether your child has a special gift with a musical instrument, an extremely high intelligence quotient or he or she claims to see dead people it's something that must be learned about and understood. It's up to us as a world community to eradicate prejudicial opinions and stigmas that haunt those who are held hostage - sometimes in a lonely world because they have developed a gift - a talent - or an unusual ability.
It's on these pages that I'm including the emotions and feelings of all the individuals involved and I leave you with the opportunity to open your mind and grow as an individual with this very important information.

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How Intuition Looks In Childhood
November 8, 2008

By Dr. Caron Goode, author, instruction, and winner of the 2008 Moms Choice Award.

If intuitives receive support and interest from their environments as a preschooler, then they progress well into their childhood years. Their intuition might be creativity, artistic inspiration, enjoying people or seeing into the beyond.

Linear thinking, moving into cognition or intellectual development happens around ages six and seven. At this time intuitive intelligence can take a back seat. Psychic gifts, if not utilized or supported, extinguish themselves.

  • If psychic gifts are supported and children are still empathic, creative or interacting with the world beyond, then the child has words to explain why the ghost is visiting and even what the colors around your body are.

  • Children who are especially empathic with animals might communicate with them in pictures and feel bonded to them strongly.

  • If nature calls to your child, your intuitive might see fairies around flowers or that mountains appear as giant angels because they feel strongly connected to the Earth.

  • By this time, creative intuitive children are finding a love for an art form like dancing, music, drama, painting or gymnastics.

  • Children with emotional empathy may find these years more difficult. They want to keep their sensitivity, yet they may believe other intellectual children or teachers who tell them it is time to put their imagination away and get on with life. They could feel pulled between their rich emotional life and their intellectual common sense. In later chapters, you’ll find specific activities about how empathic children can balance their head and heart to make good decisions.

  • Childhood years are about cognitive development. It is an opportune time for telepathy to increase. However, interactions with the nonphysical world or spiritual world will either cease or come into harmony as the child can grasp how it works and why he has a talent and what to do with it.

  • Emotionally sensitive and empathic children can become more volatile as new cognition and discovery vie for importance. Now is the time to model (if you haven’t already) self-management tools presented in later posts. Mostly, you have to do the exercises with your child for a while if they are to believe them important or helpful. If you do not value them for yourself, neither will they.

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