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At the anxieties101 website within the emotional feelings network of sites; there is a section of the site that deals with "lifestyle factors."
The reason for this section is to prove the "connection" between mental health, physical health and your lifestyle factors.
If you don't eat right, you may weigh too much or too little. The other problem you might develop from not eating in a healthy - positive manner is that you might begin to develop an unhealthy immune system, thus causing you to acquire physical illnesses much more frequently and intensely than normal.
If you don't exercise, your mind can get stressed to the point of being overwhelmed! Yes, exercise affects the brain and the brain's functions! Stress affects the heart, the main organ in our bodies!
We all seem to have problem sleeping these days, including children & teenagers! Sleep is essential to clarity of mind. Sleep is essential for energy. It's very difficult to stay motivated when you're very tired.
Then there's relaxation! It's been pushed by the wayside for generations now! Who has time for relaxation? It's a workaholic world out there and if you take the time to relax, you just might miss out on an opportunity to make more money... although you may find yourself no longer married & alone at night!
Children need to be taught at an early age to incorporate positive habits concerning their lifestyle factors because it's much easier to start out doing the right things than to change already indoctrinated poor habits. 
It's these pages that will bring you up to date as to what you can begin to do to raise emotional & physically happy, healthy children!

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Inspiring Children to Get Active & Exercise!

Students encouraged to exercise at lunch

Monday, July 24, 2006

By Bea Boucher

The Grand Rapids Press

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP - Cardiovascular workouts will be on the lunch menu at Jenison Junior High School starting this fall.

As part of a district-wide effort to promote nutrition education & physical activity, the junior high is launching Cardio Cafeteria. With a $1,000 Ottawa County Health Department grant, the school is purchasing 2 elliptical machines to be placed in the cafeteria for students to use during lunch hour, or before or after school.

"Our vision is to grow it, to open up the gym, to have an opportunity for kids to do something over lunch," Jenison Junior High School Assistant Principal Brandon Graham said.

The former physical education teacher heads a 17-member committee developing Jenison Public Schools' district wellness policy. He got the idea for Cardio Cafeteria while brainstorming about ways to get students to be physically active.

"Most kids eat in 15 minutes & then stand around," he said. "We may look at it as a school wide-challenge: How many calories can we burn a year?"

All public school districts must promote wellness & nutrition to meet federal & state regulations.

Cardio Cafeteria is a first in Ottawa County, said Lisa Uganski, a registered dietitian with Ottawa County Health Department.

"We're really excited about it," she said. "If it catches on, if there are people in the community who want to make donations (of fitness equipment), we could open it up not just for students but make it available for parents."

The Jenison program could serve as a pilot for other schools, said Kandi Lannen, a registered dietitian for the Kent County Health Department & co-chairwoman for West Michigan Action for Healthy Kids.

She said she's not aware of anything like it in Kent County.

Cardio Cafeteria will reach a new group of kids who may not be involved in a sport or physical activity & get them interested in physical fitness, said Dr. Karen Dempsey, a member of Jenison's wellness committee. Peer pressure won't hurt either & could encourage participation if they see friends using the equipment.

"It lets everyone be a teacher, everyone be an encourager, everyone be a learner," she said.

That was the idea 2 years ago when President Bush signed into law a federal requirement that public school districts participating in the National School Lunch &/or School Breakfast programs develop policies addressing students' wellness & the growing problem of childhood obesity.

"Our mission is to change the school environment," said Uganski, who also serves on Jenison's wellness committee.

The district is working with Pepsi Co. to get milk vending machines into the schools, Graham said.

Jenison/Hudsonville Food Service, which also includes Hudsonville Public Schools, is pulling deep-fried French fries from its menu to make room for healthier food choices. New Jenison High School options this fall will include sandwich & taco bars.

"Healthy kids equal healthy schools equal a healthy community," Uganski said.

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Teaching Children to Eat with Nutrition in Mind.... Changing from Unhealthy Eating Habits towards Healthy Eating Know How!

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Additional Resources!

Nutrition Know How
Picky eaters, whole grains & organic produce, summer recipes - dietitian Connie Evers answers reader questions and offers ways to keep kids hydrated. Dig in!


Restricting Calories Boosts the Immune System
And that may be a key to a longer life, study with monkeys suggests

Why Kids Need Sleep

Kids Need Relaxation, Too!

Understanding What A Healthy Lifestyle Is

A child's lifestyle needs to be all about exercise!

food? pizza? hot dogs? fast food? french fries?  connect with us here by clicking this underlined link to see how to teach your kids how to eat for optimal health!

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